Beautiful Chaos

So I am trying to figure out how to get back into this blogging thing.

I really did enjoy it when I was doing it, but why do I do it. Yes, I want my friends and family to be kept up to date with all our happenings, but then we get busy and our happenings never get published. Yes, it works as a journal, but as journals go they begin with good intentions and falter to the many things that distract us.

And that is where my thinking has been lately. Isn’t it just like Satan to find creative ways to distract us from the things God has called us to do, from the people who are important to us, and most precisely from Him. Looking through pictures of our past school year and pondering this idea of sorting it hit me.

How do I want to be sorted in Christ’s eyes? Do I want to be labeled as the best and the brightest or am I seen as dull and not so interesting?

Do I worry about falling into man’s “like” category or God’s “like” category? Am I striving to stay out of satan’s “like” category by staying in Jesus’? Or am I falling into the “don’t like” category for God because I am constantly silencing Him, disobeying Him, ignoring Him, and not taking time for Him? Thankfully His grace and blood cover our sins, and He chases after us knowing that we truly long to be ever close to Him. I feel Him grabbing my shoulder on a rough day and giving me a firm Fatherly correction about priorities. I feel Him holding me close and smiling when I defeat satan with a tiny whispered prayer of “God these are your children and I need your wisdom with this situation.”

We strive so hard to keep our lives neat and categorized, but really is that what it’s all about? Are we really meant to separate school from home, work from family, love from learning, cleaning from teaching, listening from caring, and so on. Our does God want us to shuffle it all together and see how we need one to make the other one work better. He was so creative in making this world and the way things work. Why do we think things need to be so segregated in their own little boxes? We learn through experiences, we love through doing, we listening with family, we care through teaching—it’s a beautiful chaos, this life.  

So as I continue to sort through my life and strive to get my priorities in order but yet maintain so semblance of this beautiful chaos called life. I welcome you to join me on this journey. Striving to please God and to show Christ’s love to those around me (especially my family).


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