Flash Flood

Feeling Like A Sheep Hiding

From Life’s Obvious yet Oblivious Dramas


Falling Like A Snowflake, Helplessly

beFore the Lord, One and Only Dad


Facing Life As Sudden Happenings

Force Leaning On One another each Day


Father’s Look At Such Hurts

Feeling Love Offering Open unDerstanding


Forced Leaning Against the Savior’s Hands

Feels Like Our hOpelessness Disappears


Our property yesterday morning after the water started to go down.


Our Property today almost 36 hours later.

Please remember those who live where flash flooding is real. It isn’t easy and emotions and fears don’t disappear as quickly as the flood waters do. Some handle it better then others but it is still quite a bit to get over. Just because the creeks and ponds are back in their banks doesn’t mean a person feels safer. Pray for those who live where flooding can occur anytime. Pray for them when rain comes quick and swift. Pray for them after the rain is gone and life seems to be normal again, because it probably isn’t normal to them. Pray……

Floods come in many forms. Physical, Emotional, Spiritual—Literal, Figurative—-No matter what form it appears in, know that they are real to the people that are involved. Know that they affect and impact, they hurt, they deplete, they reek havoc. Floods can be any trial or temptation. God gives and He takes away. It is hard at times to see Him through the waters of despair and struggles. We don’t always know why these come our way. They test our faith and beg to draw us closer to God. Will we? Will we allow others to help? Will we see His hand? Will we hear His voice? Will we accept the floods as they come into our lives? Will We?

Are you prepared for a flash flood? No matter what that flood is!


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