Spaghetti or Pizza Sauce

I have had several people inquire on how and why I do my spaghetti sauce the way I do?

I didn’t grow up canning, so everything I do I have learned from others or on my own through research. The recipe is from a “family” member, the method is one I discovered on my own and it works well for our family. Our garden never gives many tomatoes at a time, so canning as they come in is out of the question. Rather we wash them off and freeze them in gallon bags as they come in until we have enough for a canning day. It seems that a lot of people aren’t terribly familiar with this method, so I thought I would share a step by step process (as best I can) with you.

First we pulled all our tomatoes out of the freezer last night and dumped them into clean (food use only) five gallon buckets.

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They sat out all night and were mostly thawed when we woke up.


I drained what water I could off of them before putting them on the stove.


Once on the stove I cut a bunch of onions and added them to the pots.


We let them simmer down for roughly 2-3 hours. (The first two photos are from starting, the second two are right before I sent them through the processor)

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I ran all the cooked tomatoes through  the processor and added all the seasoning to it and simmered it again for about an hour.

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During this process we ended up with about 2 gallons of “trash” from the tomatoes. This will go back into our garden as compost.


While that was cooking with the spices, I had the fun job of cleaning up all the dirty dishes and work spaces.


When it was finished, we filled the jars and processed them for about 10 minutes.

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And now we are enjoying the sound of “popping” as each jar tightly seals for the winter, and awaits its time for use.

He who gathers in summer is a son who acts wisely,
But he who sleeps in harvest is a son who acts shamefully.

Proverb 10:5