Of Mom’s and Angel’s


I refuse to let myself complain about being a mom. I have numerous friends and acquaintances who either struggle with infertility, foster or adopt. To say I am richly blessed by my 5 littles is an understatement. I love them. Yes days get hard and I need God’s grace more then ever, then there are the days that are peaceful, like dandelion fluff floating by. Each day has its own challenges and blessings. And the longer I am a mom the more I believe that God grants numerous angels to both the children and the mom. Where would we be without these heavenly beings protecting all of us from unseen harm or calamity? I have seen it more then once around our house. I am pretty sure each of our children have been held onto tightly by heavenly hands when they should have been hurt.

The more I am a parent the more I realize how much these wee-ones need to be bathed in prayer. They need to see us praying for them, they need to be told they are loved, they need to see that their Heavenly Father loves them. I am a slow learner. I have been told time and again time flies with raising children. More keenly then ever I am aware of this. In one short week I will have an 8 year old. Ack! How did that happen? Almost half his time with us is gone. Also with having an unexpected hospital stay last week and a scary interaction in our neighborhood for one of our children. I am again put on my toes, grateful for each new day with them, for each personality, for each strong will, for each skipped heart beat, for each disobedient act, for each hug and kiss, for each tear, for each struggle and so much more.

I am convinced we all survive our childhoods one because of the many angels that surround us and two because of the moms that pour many silent prayers over us day in and day out. I don’t claim that I do this enough. I don’t think we can ever bath our children in enough prayers.

Of moms and angels….. what more needs to be said? These heavenly beings are instruments of our Father, given charge to watch over us and keep us….We may not see them but they are there….drawing us closer to God through their protecting hands….If God cares about us sooo much to have angels watch over us and protect us…..Then we need to do our jobs and watch over and protect the little ones He has placed in our charge, as well.



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