Starting in the end of August our birthday season begins for our family.

As we have grown as a family we try to find ways to make birthdays special, blessed and unique. This means the priviledge of choosing a birthday meal, a birthday cake, waking up to your present on the kitchen table, and the use of the birthday plate.

I have to admit I had high expectations for this birthday for myself. But the time of year and other circumstances have pushed off something special happening until later. I am okay with that. For once I had my expectations high but I am okay with the let down. A group of friends did “surprise” me with a night out. And my brother surprised me with the best ice cream cake ever….from my home neighborhood! (it survived being in a cooler for several hours and wasn’t thawed.)


We then head into my firstborn’s birthday in the end of September. ACK! Can he really be 7? Our Mighty has been a blessing since day one. He is extremely active, loves firefighting and baseball, he is a pleaser, a question asker, and the best big brother, hand picked by God for his siblings.


This year he wanted a jackhammer cake. Really? Where did that come from? Well, some brainstorming and help from my incredible hubby, who is wise in the tool area, I think he was quite pleased with his jackhammer cake (shared with family) and Lego Trio Construction Set.

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

Then we head into my dearest’s birthday. It happens to fall on a crazy weekend almost every year. This year it was celebrated with two of his favorite birthday dinners, and his favorite birthday cake (a day late).

We are in birthday break until November when our 2nd born celebrates right around thanksgiving, being that he was born on thanksgiving that year! 🙂 So I will enjoy our celebrating break until the holiday season is in full force!

We feel blessed to recognize that each year is another year that God has blessed us with individually and as a family. May we never loose site of the Giver and Creator of life!