A New Addition

Our family has now added a pup to the mix!!!! 

He is precious and we are so blessed with the way he came!

The children like him and he likes them! The cat on the other hand is not too fond!

We hope that them sharing quarters will work out in the end! The cat has been there almost two years!

Without further ado, introducing  “Gomer”! (If you have any name suggestions we are open to them)

Many Blessings On Your Week To Come!!!!


and the rains came pouring down….

Last Thursday we were hit with the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole. It arrived with us under a Flash Flood Warning, Tornado Warning, Drought Warning, and Fire Ban!!!! Quite the contrast!

Most of you have asked how our property faired, well here you are!

To the left is our property last Thursday—To the right is our property in 2008

To the left is from Thursday—-To the right is from 2008 (what it normally looks like)

The rest are from last Thursday…From the bridge (toward the amish farm then toward our property)

 the Neighbors yard

The farmers field on the other side of the creek

More of the amishman’s field

The road on the opposite side of the bridge

the road looking back toward our house

Numerous vehicles drove past the “road closed signs” and tried to see if it was worth trying to get through! Most vehicles threw their vehicles into reverse and turned around in our driveway! Some went through, leaving us holding our breath as we watched on! Where we live pretty much of the town was covered with flooding and “road closed” signs. 

All in all, our rain gauge said we got just over 8 inches!!!!

Blessings on your week!!!